Television Personalities - All The Young Children On Crack / Any Love Is Good Love 7" (2006)

A visitor asked me to re-up all the 2006-11 TVP singles. Although they are all on a compilation I did and re-uped last year (here), OK to re-up them in their original single format. The first one was "All The Young Children On Crack" with a non-album B-side. Quite hard for me these days to listen to Dan Treacy since he's probably in a sad situation after his stroke. But after all it maintains alive his music and maybe let young ones to discover this fantastic and so idiosyncrasic composer-singer. The other ones in the further days. Catch this one here.

This is the single driven out of the sublime My Dark Places album from 2006. The B-side, "Any Love Is A Good Love" was not on the album and must be possessed by TV Pers fans but also anyone who is not indifferent to great sad songs. If I post this single this evening it's also because it seems Dan Treacy will play tonight, not far from home, in a French festival called Mo' Fo', but it's full and I got no ticket. I did not anticipate that there would be no place (even dark) left. Moreover, even on his blog, Dan Treacy writes that his presence is not confirmed at the festival, and knowing as he can be like changing waters, I feel too old to find the motivation (and the resistance) for staying in the cold and then in the crowd, hours and hours for a putative appearance. So, I'll listen to Dark Places instead. I hope everything will go fine for Dan and the young public that will see him for the first time. I was sincerely sure that he would be dead by now when he has his so serious health problem by the summer of 2006. But we're both alive. Maybe not for long but the best is to go on and do the only things we think to be able to do correctly. You can also look at the video of the A-side, the minimalist "All The Children On crack", featuring Dan Treacy son I think (but not absolutely sure).

All The Children On Crack. All the young children on smack, All the young children on crack. They diserve something better, Let's give them something back. I don't believe that anyone is born bad, I don't believe that anyone is born sad, But some people are born... mad.


geololo said...

Hi DKelvin,

I just discovered your fantastic blog. Great work, so much hard to find and underground stuff...
Thank you very much for all the Television personalities singles. Some of them have dead links, caould you please refresh the links for this one 2006 release and others:

- The Good Anarchist / She's Always Been There For Me 7" (2008)
- People Think That We're Strange / A Glimpse Of My Genius 7" (2009)
- My New Tattoo / Funny He Never Married 7" (2009
- You're My Yoko / The Girl From Nowhere 7" (2009)
- Wonder What It Was / Radiohead Song 7" (2011)

Thaks again. Cheers, Laurent

geololo said...

Et merci, Didier, pour ces reupload des TVP. Je vais prendre aussi ta compil, du coup. Mais avec singles individuels, c'est un peu comme si on avait les 45t de ces grandissimes personnalités cathodiques...Alors merci d'avance!