Adolf Satan - s/t LP (2004)

Happy someone asked for re-up this one. Larry Lifeless is really the sort of living legend that few know the existence of but that in the future will surely have a larger following than most of current mainstream awful music celebrities. He's now the frontman in the reformed Kislug but this LP is quite something, I assure everyone visiting this post. Catch it here.

This is one of the most sickened record by one of the most sickened guy of rock 'n' roll (actually sludge but it's the only true rock 'n' roll presently). Larry Lifeless was the singer (vociferator) of UpsideDownCross (as you can see on his sweat) with a certain J Mascis on drums. It was in the beginning of the 90's and this band played one of the most putrid and infectious sludge that can be imagined. They released 2 seminal records and disbanded. About 15 years later, Larry's here again with members of another of the most pestilential band in the world: Anal Cunt. And together, they played something that can be hardly described, and for some, still more hardly listened to. But I like it, very much. I must be sick (actually I am). To understand what all this about, the simpler is to read the song titles ("Here Comes The Cum", "In The Rain With No Cocaine" ou Polio Juice"). A muddy and desolated way to see human condition. I don't share this kind of living, but I feel there's here something that makes art great. Exploring the extremes and coming back with an artistic equivalent. That's what these 4 guys do and only for that they must not be forgotten. Not to say that what they play is exactly songs, but no matter after all. It is to note that Steve Austin (Mr Today Is The Day) helped to mix the "thing". Can't say if the band name must be interpreted as a denonciation or an apology of Hitler, but more probably only as a provocation to hurt all the puritans bulldogs and their bullshit. Enjoy (if you can) this piece of...(choose the word you want).

Adolf Satan's dead now and Larry Lifeless reformed in 2007 the band in which he was in the eighties: Kilslug. It's more than good. They're touring since then and if you're in the US, don't miss them and check their myspace here.



The Reverend Wizard of Alchemical Despair said...

OMG I LUV ADOLF SATAN! I've been telling all of the local children to check them out... We also play them on our show during family hours because you can't hear the words anyway.

dkelvin said...

And me I luv your stuff http://dkandroughmix-forgottensongs.blogspot.fr/search/label/The%20Reverend%20Of%20Despair
I have to listen to your newer stuff and I go to it right now. Yes Adolf Satan is great

The Reverend Wizard of Alchemical Despair said...

Haha I was gonna email it to you! You're very efficient sir..

Heinrich Lucifer said...

Would sure love a re-up on this one! Upsidedown Cross and Kilslug records are pretty easily bought but Adolf Satan...not so much.

Heinrich Lucifer said...

Thank you so much, this sure made my day! Larry Lifeless is truly a one of a kind vocalist, can't wait to blast this in the car on the way to working the night shift! Greetings from Finland!