Alternative TV - My Life As A Child Star LP (1994)

A re-up by request. Happy to see that some ask for this band's stuff, one of my fave all style all times (you guessed so I suppose given the number of posts about Mark Perry). Don't forget he got new material release in some weeks, an album called Opposing Forces. First new release in more than 10 years I think. One of the best news of the year. Hope it will fullfil expectations but sure it will. Meanwhile catch this gem here.

During the decade separating Peep Show (in 1987) and Punk Life (in 1998), this is the only album that Alternative TV released. This is actually a Mark Perry solo album, helped by various musicians, mostly friends, some issued from the previous ATV era such as Alison Phillips on drums throughout the album. This is explained by the fact that the album was recorded over 4 years. This has long been my least fave ATV album, and I even considered it as a bad LP and rarely listened to it during the 15 following years. But last year, exploring again the ATV discography, I discovered that I like it now much more than at the time. I must have changed. All Alternative TV fans (but they're so few) will be disoriented since the music is much more lo-fi indie than the usual experimental post-punk that Mark Perry associated to the band name. There are reminiscences of Felt, Nikki Sudden, TV Personalities and all the Cherry Red Records family (not aged well the latter). Moreover, Mark Perry sings in a rather monotonous and stereotyped way, trying melodies as in the Ancient Rebels era but without the inspiration he had during this period. But however, all this dissipates when you're in the correct mood (that means rather melancholic) and when all this fits perfectly with it (as tonight for me). This is the power of our fave artists to have produced an "oeuvre" that can be relevant in the worst state of mind. And Mark Perry has always been one of the rares to do it for me. So, with all its weakness, this album (I should have asked to Mark Perry why the title and why these disturbing pictures on the sleeves) must not be forgotten and may help you if, like me, you need something like this tonight. The musicians playing on each song are written in the inside sleeve included in the rar. file.

No lyrics to provide. But they're not difficult to understand and not long. As a sample, I've chosen the acoustic version of "Magic" (the electric one closes the album under the title of "Magic In Full Flight" and is very good too)



Anonymous said...

this is a fucking great record. love it.

Anonymous said...

If it is not a great trouble for you can you re-up ATV albums.
Thanks, Apanta.

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Thanks again for re-up, Apanta.