Alternative TV - Revolution (2001)

It was the last Alternative TV LP when I posted it first. Now, there's the great Opposite Forces (eg. here) to satisfy pur need for new stuff. Someone asked me to re-up this one. So I do it. Catch it here.

This is the last ATV album to this day. Unfortunately. I don't know if Mark Perry will do another one someday, but I hope so. Meanwhile he's touring again with a new ATV band and cross the fingers it will go on (and that he will lose some weight cos' it's not the Mark Perry I love to see). Because I miss his music, his voice, his intimate and dirturbing universe on record (live, he seems now to stick to the punk formula). When I talked to him the year this album was released, he told me he didn't like it. It was a step back to the punk days for him, a kind of opportunistic project not fitting with the taste of a 43 yrs old man listening to Bob Dylan and no more to punk. I think he was too severe and that the album stands proudly in his discography. I doubt he was so cynical he seemed to say he was recording it. There are some gems, and even the punk tracks are powerful and done with great energy. The fact is that he still plays some songs from this album, meaning that this album was not a one-shot. Except if the present ATV is opportunistic of course. But it's true it's rather the unreleased old songs written at the time of Alex Fergusson's ATV such as "In Control" than songs written for this album that he still plays. 

On your knees again. Back in your room there was a surprise. Your eyes tell the story: a lonely man, in his lonely hell. On your knees once again. So hard to deal with your own desires. For the same old reasons. Wicked thoughts are clutching you. On your knees again. If you look out of the window of your mind, the universe is always changing shape. A big bright light burns into your soul, bringing you forgiveness. You've convinced yourself, there's nothing left. Your world's imploding. Voices screaming. On your knees again.



Anonymous said...

could you re-up this too?

Anonymous said...

None of the links seem to be working for me & i would really like to add this album to my collection.Is there any chance this could be upped to a site that is working please.I would be in your debt mate :)

Jacobo 2 2 said...


Your work is awesome!!

I have a question, do you have the last album of ATV?

Thanks! Blesses and keep going :)

dkelvin said...

Yes of course I got it and it's a gem. But I won't post it since Mark Perry needs the money to make another one, so I encourage everyone to buy it. And Mark Perry is nice enough not to ask me to delete all the material from him I post here and I'm grateful for that.