Cosmotron - Cosmotron EP (2009)

Does the salvation of Stoner will come from Italy? It seems since US, UK and Nordic Stoner are stucked in boring formulas in which the parody is more spectacular than the novelty and where excitation and spontaneity are totally absent. Not talking about the bath of testosterone in which all this mess is swimming. Nothing similar here. Something really fresh that for the first time in years made me wanted to listen to more of it, and interest becoming enthusiasm. There's actually a cosmos flavour in Cosmotron, an Hawkwindian atmosphere but actually all those who loved the first Stoner wake (Kyuss of course but also Acrimony) will quickly be adepts of this Italian sect. It's rude, raw, rough. Good to headbang again even if age coming, the risk is a sudden attack and hemiplegy. Doesn't matter. Too difficult to resist to the cosmotron. Take the trip here. It's heavy as cosmic shit.

Their myspace's here.

And a nice poster to illustrate the streaming track (the 3 are terrific so I chose "Strange Gods" cause it's the 1st one only).


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