Horns of Anguish - Barriers LP (2009)

Here's a doom band name in line with my present mood. But more than this personal and anecdotical point, Barriers is a strong album mixing a lot of genres: doom of course (this is really dark and obituary), stoner (only some riffs), old death (in particulary Obituary) and of course the traditional contemplative post-rock doom à la Pelican & Neurosis. All this gives a large nightmarish rainbow from Sweden (Malmö). Horns of Anguish are actually a 2 man-band, with an occasional drummer for live shows. They mus t be added to the list of seminal new bands and it's a cold comfort but still a kind of consolation in the current musical garbage to see that some spend months of their lifes to make such a great piece of sound to happen. One track is a complete masterpiece. It's called "Ominous", and it is in streaming below. Apparently nothing new, but the long atmospheric development is really addictive and makes you fly above the mountains of shit you have to walk in while alive. Listen here to be sure you like it and then buy it please through their myspace here. They deserve it.



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