Melanie - Alternative Photograph LP (1976)

A reup. Hurry up dling it before rs removes all my files. rs had done it. I re-up again on M. A personal reworking of this mythic album, using bonus tracks and long versions scandalously omitted from the official relase (such as "Groundhog Day"). Not to miss. Get it here.

At the onset of 1976, after 4 years Melanie had progressively faded away from public view with uneven albums (I'll post some of them later since there are some good songs in them but they don't stand the test of time on the whole), Atlantic records bosses were enthusiastic when listening to her new songs. They offer her very confortable conditions of recording and everything seemed OK for a great comeback. It will not be the case. Many Melanie fans, and Melanie herself, did not really understand why such a failure to reinstall her in the center of the singer-composer circle, next to Joni Mitchell (not a fave of mine, but she always inspired a high level respect from almost everyone), when a Kate Bush would reach glory status a year or so after with a similar way to approach music. Maybe too much too soon. But another reason of this faillure is, to my eyes, that she did not have the Director's cut for the choice of songs finally included in the album (she had composed and recorded enough for a double LP); Surprisingly, she told me that she didn't really care at the time which songs would be selected, neither which version of the songs, cos' she recorded some in more than one. The most spectacular (and shameful) one example of this great waste of insight, is "Groundhog Day", played in a long and wonderful version with a long intrumental development that announced the Kate Bush" Hounds of Love LP, omitted in favour of the short and more mainstream one. Sure that this long version would have changed the look that the public and the press would have thrown on her (even if the press was very positive, many writing that this album was one of the best of the year). When talking to her 4 years ago, it was clear that her final choice of songs would not have been the one featuring on the vinyl format, but I don't know which songs she would have liked to see on it (maybe all, with a double LP package actually). So, I decided to make my own pict... oops Photograph myself, selecting songs among the double CD released in 2005 under the name of Double Exposure. I tried my best to make the songs coexist with the best internal consistency, with a first (fake) side consisting in tracks with the more classy atmospheres and a second side more folk orientated. The second side opens and closes with 2 versions of "Secret of the Darkness", a good idea I think. From the official Photograph, I removed some songs that I consider weak (my subjective opinion) such as "If I Needed You", "Raindance", "Friends & Co" and "Poem" and took the alternate version of "Cyclone" (devoid of some musical scories or the end of the seventies) and of "Secret of the Darkness". I also omitted "Nickel Song", a bad idea to include an old hit in an album of renewal. And of course there is the 10 min version of "Groundhog Day". From the songs not included in the official version at the time, I took the superbs "Jukebox Magazine", "Unfinished Business" and "Remember Good", an enigm why nobody at Atlantic understood that these songs were essential to put in the LP. From the official version are the excellent cover of the Boxtops's "The Letter" and the moving cabaret jazz flavored "I'm So Blue" (the song in streaming below). And of course "Save Me", for the pleasure to cry a little whilst listening to music. What else to say? If you have the album, nothing interesting for you except if, like me, you thought that the track selection could have been much better. Here's mine, do yourself one too. And try to buy Double Exposure to have the best sound quality if you like what you hear. .

I'm So Blue. I'm so blue, what happened to me shouldn't happen to the worst of you. What can I do to prevent you from going thru what I've been going thru? Momma told me this man would leave me eventually. I couldn't see the trees from the forest or how does that saying go. I'm so blue, since you're gone, well to tell you the truth I feel I can't go on. Where love has gone, there's the emptiest feeling in all of this world. I'm a lonely girl, I'm so blue. There are no warning words that we'll listen to, nothing can do to prevent you from going thru what I've been going thru. I'm so blue...I'm so blue...I'm so blue

I've grown fat I've grown a beard I've grown alone Seems no one comes to stay in my loneliness Sometimes love and sometimes none I'm out of luck but I'm not done Today is Groundhog Day Take me to a party take me to a room Where there ain't no corner For me to run into I think I'm gonna have to touch everyone in the place A game of hearts playing face to face How long a line to a space Where I look at mine You know I'm gonna have to touch everyone in their place Feel every part tasting every taste How much more running in place will it take to find It's Groundhog Day I've grown fat I've grown a beard I've grown alone It must be a year Today it's Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day Oh take me to a party Take me to a party I think I hear the music playing, ooh Take me out of my room I gotta get to a party Take me, take me to a party Take me out I think I gotta get out of my place I hear the music playing


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It works again (even the sunday, it's a courageous link :)
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The link is on the "here" of "catch it here" (1st paragraph)

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