Procol Harum - Nothing But The Truth 7" (1974)

No particular reason to repost, only the pleasure to have this single in bloglight again. The bridge is one of the most stunning thing I heard in my life and I heard a lot. So it's good to go back to the basics. I juste posted a large size cover sleeve, although it was not the UK one I didn't find in any good quality.

This is one of the best singles in the history of rock 'n' roll, posted here cause backed with a song not included in the current album of the moment Exotic Birds & Fruits. Considered by the whole musical press as the single that would reinstall the band at the top of the creampie, it was taken as single of the week by John Peel, not inclined to have taste for the band, and seemed a killer with its unstoppable Motown beat, with Chris Thomas producing what announced his production for Never Mind The Bollocks (the perfect choice for Sex Pistols I must say) 3 years later. Unfortunately, it was a failure and "Nothing But The Truth" didn't even chart. However, the song stands proudly the test of time and this is one of my fave one from the band, and with "Simple Sister" my fave rock one. The B-side was intended to feature in Exotic Birds and Fruits but was removed for "New Lamps", and maybe even in Grand Hotel since a drawing in the style of the inside booklet had been done for it, but you can read all this by someone more scholar than me here. This is also a rocky one and this single was a message than the Classicorchestral period of the band was over after 2 years focused on this style. The ghost of the Paramounts was back in them and it was a thrilling return. Again, you can learn a lot of things on this song if you're interested in reading this bunch of erudition here. For the 2 songs of this single (I show 2 different sleeves, above is the UK one, below maybe Italian one) click here.

Nothing But The Truth. It seems as clear as yesterday We saw it in a dream but dream became insanity an awful gaping scream So sad to see such emptiness So sad to see such tears And heaped up leaves of bitterness turned mouldy down the years Nothing but the truth. Common words in use Hard to find excuse Harder than the truth Like Icarus we flew too high We flew too near the sun They caught us in that awful glare Our hapless throats were strung But just before the final stroke They took us victims of the rope And cast us far beyond the deep To lie in never ending sleep It seems as clear as yesterday They cast us in the deep We lie in darkest night for good Never ending sleep A never ending bitter gloom Whose darkness seldom clears A God forsaken emptiness Which fills our hearts with tears

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