Stumm - I LP (2005)

Sorry for those who hoped that I left my obsession for doom and sticked to seventies shit. I fear it'll never be since life makes me think that doom, and particularly the kind of doom we'll discuss today, is the most relevant form of music to the present world. I must advice any curious listener that the today's post is for one of the most sickened doom band (and record) this planet has faced. The're Finnish and in 2005 they released this incredible EP (actually 35 min so not far from an album and with a terrific but splendid sleeve) featuring one of the most macabre and hellish music I heard. With Khanate and Moss, they're the band that impressed me the most but I maybe forgot some other ones. Everything here seems crawling in a mud done with earth and cadaver flesh (the last track is entitled "Not Waving But Drowning"). Nothing here of the kind of celestial dimension of modern sludge doom such as played by Sea of Bones or Omega Massif, even Huata. Stumm play (they still play but never released anything else that some split records, a shame) the music that people hating doom can't imagine anyone is honestly able to like. But I am. And honestly. And more than that, I listen to it. Not everynight (I would have killed myself by now if I did), but sometimes, when this is the only music that is in harmony with my interior dysharmony. And this is it. So if you wanna try, go for here. Below the streaming of "New Christ For Every Morning" and below below a testimony of a recent set by Stumm featuring one track of this EP. And here their site.


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