Television Personalities - How I Learned To Love The Bomb Real Complete EP (1986)

Here the beginning of a series of re-ups of Television Personalities material posted previously on this blog but now on M. Hope it'll stay for long now. Most of this material is post-1986 since you can find most of their 1978-84 period about everywhere in various compilations or actual releases albums. After their rather lower public profile led to several hard to find songs that you'll find here and there in the posts. Note that all the official singles released between 1989 and 2011 are available here and there. But I think it's good to have them in their independant release formats. To begin, not a single from this period but one of their most famous and cherished song from 1986 in the 2 issued formats and with all the songs (most of all masterpieces) associated. Dan, we miss you so much. Catch this bomb here. Not a bad thing to open summer with this one.

I repost this complete How I Learned To Love The Bomb fake EP, cumulating the original 12" released in January 1986, and the 7" version in November 1986 cause I included only one version of the title track on the previous post when actually, as you'll see in comments, versions of the songs are different. On CD issues (on Yes Darling, But Is It Art? or on The Painted World) I only find the 12" version. So I did a rip from my 7" and so you can listen to each. Personally, and contrary to what I say in the post, I've no fave version. Strangely the 7" is longer (almost 8 min). So enjoy this now complete EP. PS. An EP consisting on the 4 B-side songs and the 12" version of the title track had been released in 1992 by Overground and actually it was identical to my previous post version. But now you got a bonus here with the different versions of "How I Love...". Below what I wrote in the initial post.

Released during the 5 years gap between the great The Painted World (in 1985) and the very deceiving Privilege (in 1990) LPs, "How I Learned to Love the Bomb" is one of the best TVP songs. Maybe surprised that it was not a hit, it was released twice, 11 months apart. The first release (in January 1986) was a 12" EP with "Now Your Just Being Ridiculous" and "God Snaps His Fingers" on the B-side. The second was a 7" EP released in November, with "Grocer's Daughter" and "Girl Called Charity" on B-side. I think it's a good idea to gather these 5 songs on a single full EP with a (I) Did It Myself sleeve featuring a relevant and disturbing Gottfried Helnwein picture, one of my fave artist of the XXth century. The 4 songs used as B-sides are much more in the old Syd Barrettian TVP way than the A-side. I've a preference for "God Snaps His Fingers" with its Soft Boys riff. At the times, it was really a breath of fresh air to listen to such songs cos' 1986 was a hell of a time for me. Music was infested by awful sound options that would have led me to stop listening to it if things had stayed the same. Few bands could help to maintain some hopes. Television Personalities were, even if some useless ugly keyboards can be heard here and there on this collection. This is important for me to give an hommage here to the few ones who saved my passion for music and made my days better. Enjoy the bomb.

The 1/86 12" EP

The 11/86 7" EP version
How I Learned to Love the Bomb. Well there's no more sleepless nights for me Now it's easier from now on Cos I've realised exactly where I've been going wrong Well I've been lying awake at night Worrying about the Russians But the Russians are my friends Cos we've got a love that will never end Cos now I've learned to love the bomb Now I've learned to love the bomb Well once we had a plan to go to Greenham Common And steal a Polaris missile And we'd put it on the back of a lorry Now I keep it in my bedroom And it's yellow black and grey And I'll polish it every day And I don't care what the neighbours say Cos now I've learned to love the bomb Now I've learned to love the bomb Don't you be so stupid No no no You should like the bomb like you love your mum And if you want to live in a peaceful world There's only one thing to do You've gotta choose Cruise Cos now I've learned to love the bomb Now I've learned to love the bomb Don't you be so stupid No no no What the hell do you take me for? If you going to make bombs you're longing for war Don't you be so stupid Now I've learned to love the bomb The days I've spent on CND campaigns Just walking, just walking in the pouring rain Time and time again How I learned to love the bomb


rusty cw said...

The 7" a-side is rumoured to differ from the 12" a-side. What's the version you've posted; from the 12" or the 7"?
And indeed... a great record

dk said...

You're damn right to specify this point that I missed. The 2 versions are a little bit different. The one in the rar file and in streaming is the 12" one, the one in the youtube video is the 7" one. I just listened to both on my vinyls and I think I'm right (it's not a vinyl rip I did, so it explains my hesitation). I find the 12" better than the 7" one. The version on the album (Painted World) is the 12" one.
If a TVP fan thinks I'm wrong, I'm interested that (s)he leaves a comment.
Thx rusty cw for the ct

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dk said...

Glad to see TVP seems to raise some curiosity worldwide. Thx for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it The Painted Word?

Anonymous said...

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