Dazzling Killmen - Medicine Me / Poptones 7" (1993)

And now the great DK. No, nothing to do with me. DK for Dazzling Killmen, one of the greatest and wildest band in history. I hope you have their 2 albums, in particular Face of Collapse, a pure masterpiece. Between them, they released this single with 2 non-album tracks, and more notably a fantasty cover of the PIL's "Poptones" (the track in streaming below). An unexpected influence but after all, there was something of the non-rock dimension in both musical universes. In the single featured a comic book I scanned and included in the rar file. It's a welcome addition to your noise collection. After DK, Nick Sakes formed the great among the greats Colossamite, a band I'll try to post one day since they were really stunning. While this blog is still on, satisfy your appetite if you got one for this kind of music here.

Poptones. Drive to the forest in a Japanese car The smell of rubber on country tar Hindsight does me no good Standing naked in this back of the woods The cassette played poptones I can't forget the impression you made You left a hole in the back of my head I don't like hiding in this foliage and peat It's wet and i'm losing my body heat The cassette played poptones This bleeding heart Looking for bodies Nearly injured my pride Praise picknicking in the British Countryside Poptones



XELLA said...

YES!!! un groupe fantastique et unique!! A+

dk said...

Yes, I'd like to post more 90's noise but very few dl it so it doesn't seem to interest many bloggers.
Thx for the comment

Anonymous said...

Yeah, slug rock at its finest, gauche take on 'Poptones' that works. a+ aussi KK

j-jazzy jeff said...

to hell with people not knowing what's good for them! thanks for the upload, dude.