Mott The Hoople - Golden Age of Rock 'n Roll / Rest In Peace 7" (1974)

This single was released with The Hoople LP in march 1974, the first Mott The Hoople without Mick Ralphs on guitar (gone to form Bad Company with Paul Rodgers, an apparent good idea that turned in a bad affair musically) and it was clear that Ian Hunter had taken the commands of the team, for my greatest pleasure I must say. Ariel Bender, previously known under the patronym of Luther Grosvenor, took up the guitar job and honestly I always thought his style was better for the band than the Ralphs more Rolling Ston-y one. But I know I'm not representing the majority. Anyway, this first single was contrasted, with a tribute to Rock 'n Roll on A-side, a good song but not really the Mott I prefer, and a moving Procol-Harum-backs-Dylan-like song called "Rest In Peace", and a nice companion to "Rose" (listen and dl the latter here). The text is not so dark and down that the music and the title suggest but all in all, it's not all joy and happiness. Both "Rose" and "Rest In Peace" will feature on the Live album that will be released at the end of 1974, and still feature in the Ian Hunter sets, showing that they were not fillers but classic Hoople ones. I did not create a cover sleeve, having no nice picture to put and maybe it's not such a good idea to create cover sleeves for singles that got one (all the single sleeves across the world I have found are in the rar file). Enjoy here.

Rest in Peace. Oh if my wheel could take another turn And if my life replaced itself again, I wouldn't want a single thing to change. Oh it's been good, though it's been strange. And if my dreams were willing to come true, Oh i would not even try to let them through. I'm sure there's things i've missed, that others preached. The goals they reached, they weren't for me. Rest in peace, Even though the worries seem to mount, Don't let them count. Rest in peace. Throw all those smiles and paper miles away. You make willow pattern pictures through the rain. And swallow when your heart begins to breathe, Just like a bird, do what it please. 'cause i ain't gonna be here all that long And when i'm old i want to know i sung. If there's a road ahead, i'll jump right in. Just got to win, this is my hymn. Rest in peace, Even though your worries seem to mount, Don't let them count. Rest in peace.

The promo video can be seen here (don't know why the integrated tool was desactivated). Below is their playback at Top of the Pops in 1974 (superb high quality because from a BBC4 show broadcasted last year). Ian had the class I must say, what I call a Rock 'n Roll look.

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