Procol Harum - Live At Rockpalast TV show LP (1976)

Second Procol Harum re-up for tonight, with an improved cover sleeve (from a sketch by the Argentina-born Santiago Caruso). Catch it here.

Recorded at the famous Rockpalast TV show on the 17th of January 1976, this is often proposed in DVD format but here only in audio file. The sound is quite deceiving for a TV show but I never found a better one (even on the payment sites). The setlist is much better than the Faithfield Halls one (no awful "Blue Danube" here, neither the weak "I Keep Forgetting"). And the playing is also much better (strange since a TV show should decrease the individual involvement of musicians compared to a stage) with in particular a fantastic organ work done by Chris Copping and a great Mick Grabham (listen to him on "The Unquiet Zone" and tell me if he's not an axe master). A shame that the sound doesn't allow to taste the revived quality of the band. Even if this seems to contradicts what I wrote about the band in my previous post, I still created a cover sleeve with skeletons (actually only one). More a joke than anything else.

Below a picture of the band in a TV show but I don't think it's the Rockpalast one. Since it's the same personal, it's OK.


Eeguab said...

Real rarities are rare onth Web.Congratulations from a long time Procol Harum aficionado.

rockfan said...

Hi, thanks for it! I agree with you: Mick Grabham is an axe master. Please, could you check the link? It seems the link is for your other Procol post (Fairfield Hall), not for this one. Thanks a lot in advance, and keep more Procol coming, please!!

dkelvin said...

True. Link's fixed.

rockfan said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now on to enjoy more of Mick Grabham's playing!