Removed Strawbs posts

I've been asked to remove my post on Strawbs (specifically the "Lay Down" single, why not the other ones I ignore it). Surely A&M who asked for it (you imagine, 2 songs from a 1973 single, this may kill them). I removed also the other Strawbs singles that were on the blog. And I'll remove the Strawbs name from my language. And do the same, remove all references to Strawbs, even on your shopping list. Specially the ones they released on A&M. We have our old vinyls, no use to give them money to have some bonus tracks. They imagine that the MP3 is of similar quality than their CDs? Hummmm, strange remastered versions ! No picture, no streaming, no dl. Nothing today. The way these majors would like to see internet. One thing is consolating. They'll soon be dead. Buy music directly to the artists. These labels hunting the bloggers are predators that need to be eliminated.



Jean Rhume said...

Tu mets en péril l'industrie du disque, faut voir ça aussi !

dk said...

C'est pas faux comme dirait Perceval !

Captain Lockheed said...

The Strawbs were an awesome band and anyone who posts their music can only promote them (leeches don't count)c'est la vie Fantastic stuff!