Steve Harley - Freedom's Prisoner 7" (1979)

This is the last great Steve Harley's song (subjective assertion of course) and it's 30 years old. This is extracted from the deceiving The Candidate LP, deceiving but better than the really weak Hobo With A Grin one released the previous year. "Freedom's Prisoner" is the best track of the LP and the lyrics are about the scoptophilic obsession of the narrator (Harley I suppose) concerning a girl he goes to see dancing day after day, anywhere she performs, and feels he's becoming a prisoner of this monomania. It's a Blue Angel synopsis and for the sleeve (the original single did not have one) I first imagined taking a Marlene Dietrich picture but in definitive, it is more likely to be about Cyd Charisse, since she reached the peak of her popularity (in Vincente Minelli film The Band Wagon in 1953) in the fifties, and may have more likely exerted her attractive power on the young Steve Harley than Marlene. Not a great deal actually, the important is that the song remains as strong today as it was at the time. The swansong for Steve Harley who would disappear slowly in oblivion in the next years. Really strange destiny. On the B-side, featured the rather good "One More Time" and both are maybe what's to keep from The Candidate. Enjoy it here.

Freedom's Prisoner. I wanna be the jiver you'd wanna meet I wanna be yer danger man in the street I wanna be the biggest thing in site I wanna be yer dancer in the nite Wanna be macho, wanna be cool Wanna be treated like a jewel To get hold of you babe I know that i can Gotta get to you n be the man When i see you coming weaving across the floor always Wanna feel n beg for more Whenever yer move them legs i always feel a pain Wanna get with you again n again n again When you've got yer finger on the pulse Then all i see, is a wonderful place I always wanna be I hear from all the girls you're quite a bitch That sounds so wrong, sacrilege Put on a little make-up n jive tonite I'd even do the hustle to catch yer site You're like the elemental child My crazy dancer, sexy wild When you pout yer lips n wriggle yer hands I wanna be bad, bad, bad like the boys in the bands I'm always there to watch yer come Slithering across the floor I get so hot, stare in awe I seen you dance in new york, london and la Swear i'm gonna do it with you one day It's gotta be the wonderful, magic movements that you do I'm FREEDOM'S PRISONER watching you

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Catweazle said...

I have to disagree. While Freedom's Prisoner is good, for me Love on the Rocks is the superior track. Just my two cents. Love your blog!