Xasthur - All Reflections Drained LP (2009)

Some call it Black Metal, and Malefic (the one man band of this name) has a look for it and used to play that. Some call it Funeral Doom since the music shares many elements of this sub-doom style, and it's true there's everything in it to be called like this even if Funeral Doom, the genre usually named like that, is quite different. In fact, I would call it catacombal atmospheric gothic doom. It succeeds in being more depressive than Esoteric. A tour-de-force. For those who have mainly 70's references, imagine the darkest passages of King Crimson and Strawbs, when the mellotron covered everything of its foggy sheet and seemed to take us back in the darkest times of medieval barbary. For those who have some doom notions, this can be described as a mix between the old Anathema and Tiamat. For others again, you can imagine God and Scorn in their bleakest moments (on the fantastic "All Reflections Drained"). And of course, there are some dark metal element but far from the classic emphasis approach of this genre, not my cuppa blood. But all this is quite a loss of time since I give you the link to dl it just below. What it's essential is that it's... essential hearing. Not music to be listened to anyplace anywhere anytime. Not only because it stinks death and desolation, but also because the production is specially muddy and does not fit with the usual contempory criteria. I suppose Malefic doesn't care and wants his music to sound like this and he's probably right, the risk to sound artificial (unfortunately the majority of the bands) is lowered. This is the last album of Xasthur, released last year. Sad that the drawing on the cover sleeve is rather ugly. The music worths a better one. Interestingly, Melissa Nadler, not really a singer songwriter swimming in the same dark waters than Malefic, is doing concerts with Xasthur and seems to be collaborating to his next album. Hope it will not attenuated the power of the music. Meanwhile, try this one here.

In streaming, the incredibly oppressing eponymous track. Don't know why the track stops at about the 4th min and all the dl rar files I found have the same problem. Maybe on the CD this goes on the 7 min as announced. If you know tell me. Did not find the lyrics on the Xasthur site here.


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