EyeHateGod - In The Name Of Suffering French LP (1990)

Tomorrow evening, the fathers of sludge are in Paris and this is the occasion to post their first LP, first released in France in 1990 i.e., 2 years before the US, on a French label called Intellectual Convulsion (they also released the first Dazzling Killmen before the US). This seminal LP is one of the most essential in rock and maybe the most important in sludge. The only difference between the French and US version was the cover sleeve and that's the only thing this post can add to an album that is easily found to dl on many other blogs. There's not much to say about this band. Many will not be receptive to this vomitive way of considering music. Some, as I am, find here something that I would call metaphysical, even if the members of the band would probably consider this as intellectual masturbation from an old faggot and they're maybe right but I can't change anymore. Judging by the videos on Youtube, it seems the band is still a must-see. Anyway, here everything began. I included this album on the 120 1987-99 essential albums issue of the Xroads music mag and I'm quite proud of that. Meanwhile, suffer it here.


Below, more than 30 min of a show by the band in 1993. Good sound (except you can't hear Mike Williams singing) and nostagia for sure.


C B said...

Thank you!

Tommo said...

Hello, please could you reupload this one? Thanks!

dkelvin said...

I take this request in consideration and will do it in the next few days.