Gloomy Sunday - Beyond Good And Evil LP (2007)

The name of this band comes from the so-called "suicide song" posted yesterday. The title of the LP from an essay by the great Nietszche. I once thought they were russians but they are from Suede. This album was a fave of mine (and not because songs titles often borrow to chemical products I take or took) the year it was released and I use the name pretext to post it here. It's very dirty sludge in the EyeHateGod tradition but with something more fuzzy and still more muddy (yes they can). In the Last Chapter webzine, the reviewer called it "sludgy doom metal punk". Not wrong. The last track ("Dead Love Autumn") is a masterpiece and still sounds as exceptional today as it was at the time it was issued (actually I'm not sure the album was not recorded earlier than its release). The inside image conceived about the 11th september (reproduced below) is quite a different approach of the event that the journalistic soup that is usually served but seems to me more relevant to the inside motivations of all this terrorist shit that the similar political theory they claim. The band stated recently that they were "neither dead nor in jail" and that they were "rehearsing new material". That's a good news, we need bands like that to give musical equivalent to our own disgust of this world. Meanwhile, go deep down in their catacombal derelicted sludge doom here (inside booklet with lyrics is enclosed).

No video, no lyrics, only a streaming of the massive closing track of the LP. Listen until the end please, it's monstruous.


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SuperDahu said...

celui ci je l'avais acheté à l'époque où t'en avais parlé... et bien je l'écoute encore régulièrement !