Melanie - alternative Unchained Melanie EP (1996)

Second re-up requested by the visitor called Nathalie. Strange I hadn't re-up all the collection of actual and personally conceived album, this one belonging to the latter for reasons I explain below. Catch it here.

When I feel like a shit that even flies have better to do than to come to visit (as tonight), Melanie's always here to peace my sick and putrefied mind. So here we go again. This collection of songs could have been entitled "Acoustic covers of sad love songs" since it's quite monothematic: absence, separation, unhappy love, sentimental dereliction and that half of the record consists in non Melanie's songs (one from Cat Stevens, one from Sting, one from John Waite and one that was covered by hundred of people most notably by the Righteous Brothers). Recorded at her home in Connecticut probably in 1996, with her children (her two daughters on backing vocals and her gifted son on guitar), these are the only 8 songs from the limited available Unchained Melanie LP, sold only to her shows and filled with 5 songs from Silver Anniversary recorded 3 years before and that you can find here, and one song from Silence Is King (3 years before too) that I'll post maybe one day. I think useless to include songs from other albums in new albums and that's what unfortunately Melanie has done during most of the nineties. So I will only put the unreleased ones on the posts. In this collection, some songs are her owns, and they are the best since nobody's a better songwriter than she is (this is my blog, I write what I want, even if you think I'm a sucker). Among them, some will appear on other further albums in various versions, often less acoustic, but I don't think the beautiful "I Never Had A Clue" is on another record (even a lo-fi compilation) than this one. If you want to know more about it click here, you'll know everything. I decided to cut the album in 2 different sides, the first with covers from others, and the second with Melanie's own songs. Do the flies for me and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!
You are so kind.
I only saw Melanie play once, outside the Albert Hall, when her concert was canceled :(
It was quite special, and you live up to that moment for me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I'm old enough to remember when she hit the top of the charts!