Mother Susurrus - s/t EP (2010)

Here I am again, after hard times I must say. And nothing better than a true great doom band for a come back. Here is Mother Susurrus. They are finnish and this 2-track EP is a massive achievement agreggating sludge and doom. It's dirty, heavy, but there's space for the listener and they don't use a wall of noise to impose their music. This is this stoner approach that makes Mother Susurrus a band that has its own universe and honestly one of the rare in the last past months that I can say I would recognize the style (some bands are great but don't succeed to develop an idiosyncrasy). The music is not based on long developments but on several fragments intricated and sometimes they could be considered a bit progressive (in the good sense of this term, as was King Crimson for example). But don't worry, this is heavy as lead shit. Strangely, at the 6th min of "Apocatastasis", the second track (20 min long), the voice becomes soft and more conventional. I hope this is not an indication of a future vocal choice since I am not fond of this singing in doom. Time will tell. But then the track becomes a gigantic sonic airplane flying over the smoky horizons and it's, you can believe me, orgasmic. The second part has an Indian flavor that gives the band a king of psychedelic dimension (maybe the reason of this strange but nice cover sleeve). You see, nothing of your usual doom canteen. Enjoy it here


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