Shocking Blue - Love Buzz fake 7" (1969)

Shocking Blue has always been one of my fave 70's band, and not only Dutch band. More mainstream pop than Jefferson Airplane, there was a special flavour in their rather simple and rudimentary rock that made them one of the bands that I preferred when I was a kid. I since got all their singles and LPs (more than 6, not the one-hit wonders they are considered to be) but no use to post them here since they are all very easy to dl on several blogs. I admit that Mariska Veres, the gorgeous singer, did a lot to make me appreciate this band. Not only for her beauty but also her voice and her candid I-don't-know-I'm-a-sex-symbol-for-all-teens-and-truck-drivers style. Finally, they will be remembered mainly for 2 songs: "Venus" of course, one of the all-times greatest hit on the planet earth, and "Love Buzz", the present subject of the post, because Nirvana covered it on the A-side of a Sub-Pop single in 1988,3 years before their commercial breakthrough. It's not that this song is a great one, Shocking Blue did many better ones (such as the B-side I chose for this fake single, the superb "California, Here I Come", that featured with "Love Buzz" on their first LP in 1969), but it's a quite forgotten version I think. And it allows me to make a sleeve with Mariska on it. She died 3 years ago, at 61. This is an hommage to her, and my, youth. Enjoy this love buzz here.

Love Buzz. Would you believe me when I tell you You're the king of my dreams? Please don't deceive me when I hurt you; It just ain't the way it seems. Can't you hear my love buzz? Can't you hear my love buzz? Can't you hear my love buzz? I need you like a desert needs rain; I would rather like to die. Darling I hurt when I do not see you, So spread your wings and fly. Can't you hear my love buzz?


Below a video hommage to the band using "California Here I Come".


glart said...

Great post. One of my fave bands. I've got all their stuff.
Great blog also.

robin Richardson said...

Thanks very much for the Roy Wood/Wizzard and Shocking Blue - great stuff! Don't you like Earth and Fire? There were loads of good Dutch bands at this time.

Robin Richardson
Maesteg Wales

musicyoucan said...

The link is dead. Can you re-upload it please ?
Thanks You