Tinsel Teeth - 3-demo EP (2008)

I fear that not many of you see the importance of Tinsel Teeth but honestly I think you're wrong and that you should be in the truth before the masses. This has been one of my main musical pleasure in life to have believed in some bands before they became successfull or (more often) cult. I remember how it was hard to defend that Black Sabbath was the best band in the world in 1971 (I was just a kid, not even a teen, teens were for us stupid arsehole listening to Hendrix, the Beatles, the Doors or Janis Joplin and saying that all that was good was gone and that Sabbath was music for prehistoric men, and they were somewhat right). And that was the same with Alex Harvey in 1973 (compared to Bowie, it was gutter rock), and with Alternative TV in 1977 (compared to Clash, it was a nonsense), and with Jesus Lizard when they released Pure (you had to listen to Sonic Youth) and Today is the Day, and Electric Wizard. All this past bullshit useless ruminations of mine because I would really like that Tinsel Teeth become an important part of the scene, a kind of Gossip for the second decade of the century with Stephanie as a destroy Beth Ditto. But after all, you do what you want. One member of the band made me the honour to leave a comment here to inform me that they had released a 3 demo EP 2 years ago. Some weeks before their strongly awaited album, I post it here as teasing. It's much more satisfying for the ears that the live testimony I posted the other day but both are necessary in your ear life. Enjoy it here. PS. I did the fake cover sleeve. Didn't find the official one if there were one.


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