Tweak Bird - Reservations EP (2008)

Among the best bands in the world living today, here's Tweak Bird. They are one of these formations that decided to give up the boring guitarist obligation (and often solo performances or rock 'n roll conventions) and to function as a duo bass & drums (+ voice). And honestly, based on a Melvins paradigm, what they achieve should propulse them in the intergalactic success (but people have such awful musical tastes these days that I doubt it will be the case, imagine they believe that Muse, Radiohead or Coldplay are great bands). There's something that I liked so much in Budgie 35 years ago, a strange collision between heavyness and nursery refrains. What is strinkingly good is that they really play songs that you can hum and have in your head the whole day throughout. Moreover their melodies are even catchy and rather sweetly sung. With Boat, Polyphonic Spree, Kate Nash and Mitch Easter, these are the ones I preferred over the last 5 years. Here is their 2008 EP Reservations. If I post it (although recommend, as I did, to buy it), it's because they will release soon their first LP, and I optimistically think (hope) that those who give me some musical credits will lend an ear to this EP and agree with my opinion above. Moreover, they seem great guys and I love their sane relation with nudity and nature. Yes I know I'm a body naked addict but I assume. As said Catherine Ringer from the Rita Mitsouko "the body is the last modern adventure". Tweak Bird will be in Europe in may, don't miss them. Meanwhile, enjoy it here.

Below an hommage to the Who Sell Out cover sleeve (one among many I must say)

Here an interview with the 2-men band

Here a nice video with a non-EP song.

Here a TV show video in which they play the great "Spaceships" from this EP.

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