Barry Ryan - Sanctus Sanctus Hallelujah (1972)

I can't honestly tell you that it's the true 5th album of Barry Ryan (the one following Red Man in 1971 that you can find here) since I don't have the original one in vinyl and that it has never been reissued in CD (dirty bastards of the music industry, when I read your crocodile tears about pirates who will kill the artists it makes me want to cut your head as our great Robespierre did 2 centuries ago with the king). So I tried my best during the last months to gather the most songs I could that featured on the original one. Unfortunately, on the various compilations I bought over the last 30 years here and there, often cheap ones issued in hurry to cash on nostalgia, with ugly cover sleeves (but the originals were also quite ugly and this is one of the reasons this singer was never considered seriously by the "true" music amateurs although Queen literally committed plagiarism and installed their style from these roots) I was able to find only 9 among the 12 songs. The 3 missing songs are "Rhode Island Red", "I Think You Know My Name" and "Slow Down". The last can be heard on a youtube link below but no trace of it in MP3. To reduce frustration, I added a song recorded and released this same year (1972), the wonderful "I'm Sorry Susan". And now some words about the music. This album is a radical change from the classic Paul & Barry Ryan style everyone knows (at least everyone knows "Eloïse"). Paul Ryan is not in anymore (except on older titles) and over are the great orchestral arrangements. Here we have a kind of Beatles-go-glam style (more Bowie-Roy Wood than Bolan-Roxy) with unexpected excursions in hard rock ("Storm is Brewing" and "Slow Down" sounds like Led Zeppelin shagging Black Sabbath and I'm sure we would be surprised if we knew who were the musicians on these titles). All in all, it's enjoyable and Barry could sing anything he'd be interesting to listen to. For the sleeve, I chose drawings from a fantastic chinese artist called Li Xiaoxuan but I didn't find any blog or site to link, only here to see more. I'll use some other ones later maybe but. Meanwhile, enjoy this (uncomplete) LP here.



Starsailor said...

je découvre cet album qui m'était inconnu....il est impossible à dénicher ! et impossible également de savoir à quoi ressemble la pochette originale !
merci pour la quasi reconstitution.

dk said...

Oui, étrange que la pochette ne soit trouvable nulle part et pourtant j'ai cherché partout sur le net. Dommage aussi de n'avoir pas pu mettre la main sur les 3 titres qui manquent. Prochainement, le 3ème album (j'ai commandé le vinyl, trouvé pas trop cher chez un revendeur Allemand) car il me manque trop de morceaux) et aussi les singles sortis après Sanctus, que je grouperai sur une compil. Il y a des trucs splendides.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant ! Many thanks for posting the fantastic , overlooked greatness of Barry Ryan !
Would love to hear the post-1972 stuff , if you have that material a humble request to post it .
The Ryan brothers rock !

- Buck

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have the original vynil, and the sleeve is one photo of Barry.

dk said...

You're lucky. If I had it, I would have rip it all and not provided this incomplete one. Create a blog and do it please.

Anonymous said...

Would you like to have the 3 missing tracks? I have them as mp3. Please show me a way to send them to you and i will do it.

This is a great blog, full of good music!


dkelvin said...

Oh yes I would love it
You can use Wetransfer or any uploader such as mediafire and send it to didierkelvin@gmail.com
Thx a lot

Anonymous said...

I grew up with the music of Barry Ryan and since discovering your blog I got deeper into his albums. In the meantime I managed to find them all in good condition, even Red Man and Sanctus and I transfered them to cd. If you are interested in missing songs as mentioned above let me know how to get in touch.

Anonymous said...

Links are dead.. reup?

dkelvin said...

I will re-up it when I'll be able to complete the missing songs and improve the sound of some of the tracks. Same for some of the previous Barry Ryan's posts. I think I'll have the time during this summer.

Geraldo Euclides said...

Eu quero gravar num Pen Drive o LP ou no mínimo a música: ELOISE, mas é mais fácil sair voando sem ter assas; como grvá-la?