Berserkowitz - Gritfarm EP (2008)

I know, I know, I know, you don't come here for my shitty sludge but for the rare oldies I post. I can see that when looking at the dl rate. I know real doomsters don't need this heteroclyte blog to find music they like and a lot of blogs specialized in this genre provide musch fresher food for their ears than mine. I see more dl when I post rare sludge oldies (such as Asbestosdeath or Adolf Satan) but I can't help to post new bands I find exciting. Maybe one day I'll see that you have the curiosity to get them for a try. Today is an excellent British band named Berserkowtiz (not easy not to mispell) with an EP released 2 years ago and that they provide now freely on their myspace here. It's brutal and extreme, it smells the earth coal miners worked in when they were young ("We were raised on a diet of nought but coal, water and mud"). This gives to their music an authenticity you don't always feel in the bands alike. They say that their music has changed and we wait impatiently for their future tracks. Meanwhile, enjoy a little sonor bath in a coal and mud water here.


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