Bonerama - Plays Black Sabbath Fake 7" (2004)

Five years after Katrina, Louisiana will have to face one of the worst oil spill of history. After Haïti, here's again a place that we can call doom! Not a surprise voodoo is so pregnant there. Only such a religion can be relevant to so many disasters. One year ago, I was in New Orleans, during the NO music festival. The atmosphere was fantastic. As a French, living in a country in which people don't know to be festive without being grotesque, where arrogant face with unfriendly talk is a national sport, being in NO during these 2 days seem to be on another planet. And a planet where I would have liked to live. While walking the promenade longing the Mississipi, going from a stage to another with the same delight, my ears caught a well-known thema played by a complete brass band just on the next stage. I went there. It was Bonerama, a brass band who were playing "War Pigs" from Black Sabbath. One of the most exciting musical moment in my life. This doom hymn transformed in a joyful celebration was not a musical waste but a reincarnation that fitted perfectly the place and the moment. Without, strangely, losing its dark content cos' here only in Lousiana death and violence can dance with life and tenderness. The next day, I bought the album featuring "War Pigs" (a live one recorded in New York in 2004) on it and had the surprise to see that they also played another Sabbath song: "The Wizard". No more needed to create today a fake single with these 2 covers on it. Talking about cover, for this single I chose a (quite mediocre but fascinating) painting that is rather in harmony with the content. Hoping that the demons will protect this land against this petrol shit sent by these cupid predators of BP, danse a little voodoo danse with this doom brass hymns here.


Below, "The Wizard" with a rather good sound. You can find many videos of Bonerama playing "War Pigs" on Youtube but none has a really good sound.

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rough mix said...

the guitar riffs are much more cavernous of course but brass one are nearly over evoutant.
The Saints & Cougars have made the proof of it.
Magic rendering.