Dazzling Killmen - Ghost Limb 7" (1991)

Second 7" from the great Dazzling Killmen and a true masterpiece this one. The band (and specially Nick Sakes) succeeded in mixing the Albini style with something much more emotive and inventive too (listen to the sax and the crescendo on the A-side, it's not far from the Laughing Clowns but with an intensity that Ed Kuepper never reached). We are some on this planet to consider this band as a reference among references for rock music, not only the noise "niche" and I hope that some of you coming here for seventies rarities or Doom obscurities will have the mind open enough to give an ear to a noise band such as the Dazlling Killmen. Moreover, in the rage I am against humanity in general (most notably these pathetic shitheads that voting innocents have given power to) and people I have to work with in particular, these 2 songs seem a wink from hell that give me the strenght to go on with the perspective that they'll all die in flames. Destroy your ears with it here.

Ghost Limb, the A-side below

"Torture", the B-side, played in 1994 live.


XELLA said...

GGRRRRRR......!!!!!! le meilleur groupe des années 90!!

dk said...

Pas loin pour moi, mais Jesus Lizard et Today is the Day ont encore ma préférence (en noise, parce que tous genres confondus alors là y a un peu foule)
Merci pour le commentaire