Dazzling Killmen - My Lacerations fake 7" (1991)

Two never released tracks from the great Dazzling Killmen and that you can only find on the Recuerda compilation although the B-side I chose, an unamed song, was a hidden one on the LP and it's not impossible you did know it even existed. The 2 are quite different, "My Lacerations" being DK as fast and wild as they can be (and short, less than 2 min) whereas the unamed track is rather long (more than 6 min) and more complex in structure. Both are essential must-have for any DK fan and largely for any amateur of extreme music making from internal suffering a musical equivalent. I of course did the front and back cover sleeves myself, taken on the fantastic deviantART (here), the front from an artist called rockerdish, the back from another called crazythis. Go to see their galleries. I find both images fitting perfectly with the DK's music. Enjoy here.


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