Dazzling Killmen - Numb 7" (1990)

This is the first of the 3 7" released by Dazzling Killmen (a split single was also issued but I don't count it in). Thanx to Shinju Gumi for the cover sleeve since I don't have the single (neither I have the next one but both are on the Recuerda compilation, it's just the pleasure to put back these songs in the context of their release, if you come on this blog, you know the concept). The 2 songs on this single are not easy-listening I prefer to advise. But if you like demanding but rewarding rock (the way Coltrane's could be to jazz), it's for you. It's quite strange than on "Bottom Feeder", the B-side, we can hear John Peel saying he's into Dazzling Killmen since this is their first single and they had not released anything before it. If you have an explanation, thanx to leave it in comments below. Meanwhile have a trip to hell here.


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