Liquor Tricks - Comfort (2002)

If you love Jesus Lizard, Craw or Janitor Joe, Liquor Tricks will be one your fave bands as soon as you will listen to the songs of this fantastic LP recorded in 2000-01 and released in 2002 but unfortunately not so legendary as it should be. The band was unfortunately again quite short-lived but they must be respected for this great offer to music. It's raw, violent, quite sludgy in a way, and it makes you headbang all alone in your shitty hole that you call home. Not a note is superflous. Sometimes the tempo is slower and it's one of the main difference with the above cited bands since here Liquor Tricks is not far from sludge although it's still pure noise a-la Amphetamine Reptile. Believe me, Comfort merits to be considered one of the great achievements of the 2000's. No more to add, enjoy this orgasmic sonor pain here.

In streaming the track I find the most thrilling, "Down".



XELLA said...

Pas mal du tout ça!!je vais écouter l'album; Merçi

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interest!

You may be interested in hearing this unreleased EP recorded in 2003 and mixed and mastered in 2004-5 before the band split


dk said...

Oh thanx, my best Xmas present so far. Sure I'll post it soon except if you don't agree. Don't know why you split but you were really a great band. Thx again for this comment and link. Tell me if you're doing something in music these days.

Anonymous said...

Feel free to post that link anywhere else you like.

I'm just glad someone enjoys the music.

I sang for a group called White Horses, with Marc Schleicher on guitar too. I will try and post that link soon.


dk said...

Thx a lot. I did it here http://dkandroughmix-forgottensongs.blogspot.com/2010/12/liquid-tricks-beautiful-ep-2005.html
I'll check White Horses and would be glad to get a link to them since I'm quite sure I'd like.