P.P. Arnold - Singles A's & B's (1967-68)

A welcome request since PP Arnold is one of my fave female soul singer of the sixties. Too sad she didn't achieve success she deserved but with Roger Waters she found another way to reach stardom. Here her Immediate career backed with bands such as the Nice or the Small Faces. Unmissable. Catch it here.

Imagine. In 4 years (from 1964 to 68), this young woman has been (in chronological order), an Ikette (chorist for Ike and Tina Turner), an American girl in London getting friendly with her compatriot Jimi Hendrix, the Precious black Pearl (as PP) of the new label Immediate, backed by musicians who will become the Nice, the closest singer of the Small Faces, influencing Steve Marriott for all his life since he'll do for her what he'll later do with Humble Pie (around 1973), a successfull hit singer with songs topping the charts, and ... a has been. Like a summary of a whole career in only 4 years. And some say that present times go fast. Not so fast that they used to go in the sixties. PP Arnold is one of my fave soul singer, and, more than that, one of my fave whatever style we're talking about since during the 2 yeas with Immediate, she sang a wide variety of styles. She did 2 LP for the label, and they have been reissued almost twice, the last time in 2001 on Castle with bonus tracks. There was a life for PP after this vertigo, but not so glorious actually. After Immediate disappeared, she quite did the same although it's her who sings on the Nick Drake's "Poor Boy". Before and after this enchanted "parenthèse" she faced several dramas in her life (she had 2 children before 1966, before the age of 20, she had another one in 1974 with the bassist of CSNY, and she lost her daughter at the end of the seventies). She had a second career at the end of the 80's with techno bands such as The Beatmasters and KLF and since then British musicians did not forget her (in particular Paul Weller and Roger Waters) and she can live her passion for music although she should have merited to have her own solo career. But back to our today's post. You can enjoy the 9 songs from her 5 singles (the B side of the 1st and the last is the same song) here. Below, I put in streaming the only song of the whole written by her ("Though it Hurts Me Badly") and one of the most beautiful of the 30 she released during these 2 years at Immediate. Cos', as Billie Holiday, Mary Wells and Janis Joplin, PP Arnold was an overlooked composer, a machist vision who constrained women with voice to interpret when they were also fantastically gifted for writing songs. Below lots of videos from youtube. You can see her singing her single A-sides at The Beat Club, and also her collaborations with the Small Faces (look at the video of "Tin Soldier", Steve Marriott has what I'd called the "great class"). As bonus rarities, a song with Rod Stewart before he became a superstar.


With Rod Stewart

With the Small Faces

Again with the Small Faces


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