Shocking Blue - Hello Darkness / Pickin' Tomatoes 7" (1970)

So this is with this one things went wrong as I wrote in the previous post. Sad cos' both songs are really really good (I even consider "Pickin' Tomatoes"one of their best musically) but that's the way things were in these times for pop bands that failed to enter the circuit of seriously considered bands (as Golden Earring succeeded).  I added another cover sleeve below with some nice pix of Mariska. And the official clip associated with the single. Catch this one here.

This 6th Shocking Blue single (Mariska Veres era) can be considered as the moment everything went wrong. Not that the song is bad but it is far from their usual standards. And what should have been their chance to go back in the international charts became their swansong. The single was quite popular in Nederland and Germany but much less than the previous single. The B-side ("Pickin' Tomatoes", terrible title but nice song you can hear in streaming below) was actually better but nothing of a hit. The music was more and more pre-americana style when it would have been more relevant to be a little more british rock. I post the clip but strangely it must have been filmed quite later since Klaasje van der Wal (the bassist) was replaced by Henk Smitskamp. Honestly, you can't really call that a clip but it was this in the seventies. Meanwhile, enjoy this 6th episode here. There'll be more.


Anonymous said...

Genius selection. I so love Shocking Blue and think it's absurd they are considered a "one hit wonder" band when so many of their songs are fantastic. I love both sides of this (apparently) failed single - thanks for posting!

St. James.

musicyoucan said...

The link is dead. Can you re-upload it please ?
Thanks You