Shocking Blue - Long and Lonesome Road / Fireball of Love 7" (1969)

Another great song for the second single of the band. At least the A-side that has all the qualities of the music that was produced during the end of the sixties: strong, raw, sexy, memorable. Note that, as the first single, it was in France the record was the most succesfull (4th and 6th in the Charts). Catch it here.

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, "Venus" was not the second but the third single released by Shocking Blue (I talk about the band featuring Mariska Veres of course, not the band before her), the second being this one with the fantastic "Long and Lonesome Road" on side 1 and "Fireball of Love" on back side. This is this mistake that makes me quickly post another Shocking Blue single here (I usually prefer to let at least 4 or 5 posts before posting singles or albums from the same artists). No video to show since the band made a break in Dutch charts but not enough to do a clip I suppose. It is to note that the sound of the band in 1968-69, was much more electric, rock and psychedelic that it will be after "Venus" succeeds. It's true that it's not with this style they will reach popularity but more with a Creedence meets Jefferson Airplane Europeanized version.

PS. I'll try to illustrate the posts with pictures of the band relevant to the year of the single, but I must say that it's not very easy to be sure since they did not much change their look over their 6 years career. So, the picture above seems to have been taken in 1969 but I would not bet my right hand (I write with it).

Long and Lonesome Road. On a Sunday night while driving my car In the sky a fallin' star Tellin' myself I don't go too far And trust by the sound of the rain Well I wonder, well I wonder where I am 'Cos there's a long and lonesome road That will find our world of you & me babe There's a long and lonesome road That will find our world like it used to be babe Somebody there to show me the way Yes, I'm willin' to pay And this dear old man can tell me any day Know what happens to me

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