Shocking Blue - Never Marry A Railroad Man / Roll Engine Roll 7" (1970)

Strange but although rather forgotten, this single (and more specifically the A-side song) was a real hit in Netherland and in France (n°1 in each) but it's true it failed in the USA (and in the UK). Strange cos' it was rather rooted in US country music but surely dutch musicians were not supposed to play it correctly (finally I wonder whether it was not more spanish than US country, nevermind). Anyway, it's once again a fine one by this band that was everything but a one-hit wonder. Note that the Spanish version has the band shot just before or just after the picture of the official cover sleeve. Strange again cos' they don't smile on it and finally the image is much better and gives them a less commercial pop appearance than the other one. They were, it must be said, not very good in their attitude, seeming rather indifferent to all the buzz they were creating. Note the weird cover sleeve I found on the net, maybe a real one. I put it on for the fun. Catch it here.

Issued in June 1970, this single shows that it's the US country-rock vein that the band will follow although this song will be the first not to chart in US or in UK. However it will be a hit in all Europe, greater still that "Mighty Joe". The B-side is rockier but in a country-rock acception of this term. Both are good songs. "Never Marry" is probably the Shocking Blue song I most heard during my youth, most notably in the family car for never ending travels towards some country place with some water for my parents and their friends to go fishing, eating (not forgetting drinking) and sleeping, a sunday occupation I really despised for reasons I ignore (and don't want to know either). In streaming I put the B-side, "Roll Engine Roll", the A-side can be heard on the clip below. I also post the version the band played when they briefly reformed in 1980.

An amusing picture of Mariska interviewed by a south-american journalist

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