Thou - Baton Rouge You Have Much To Answer For EP (2010)

Thou is what I call a fucking great band. Call it sludge or what you want, it's only the best music on the planet for me, the only one relevant to the present state of the world and don't fucking tell me about the greatness of the past, nothing can compete compare to the highness sludge reached over the last years, and Thou is among the best you can find (even if there are more and more genuine grandeur in the genre). Last year they released a magnificent LP called Tyrant (you don't have it ? Go rotting somewhere I'm not) and after some split 7" and an EP with Black Sabbath covers, they come back with this 4-trax product released on cassette (yes, cassette) and vinyl. Mixing the best Sludge (they're from Louisiana, they know the nature of the game) with total drone (the eponymous track), a little bit of thrash and sometimes even dark metal ("Out of the Mouth of aFool"), they propose a quintessence of what dirty electricity and muddy mind can produce when translated in art. They conclude with a cover of Nirvana ("Sifting"), the second one after "Aneurysm". What's fascinating in Thou is that extreme violence and delicateness can coexist. It's a tour-de-force. This EP is dl on their site but you can find it here.


A great live cover of the Sabbath's "Into The Void" (sound's not bad except the vocals)

From a recent show (sound's not excellent). More on youtube from this set.

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