Luce - A Baltard

This year, as last year, the winner of the French version of Pop Idol is a nice and talented young lady called Luce. She won and deserved it. It's better to see her singing these covers than only listening to it since she sometimes has not the technical skill that one could hope but if you imagine she had never sang elsewhere than in her bathroom beforehand, you'll be surprised. Nothing to do with Susan Boyle. She's a mix between Catherine Ringer (from Rita Mitsouko) and Beth Ditto (Gossip). Some of her covers are real gems to my ears, either old and classic French songs (Brel's "Ne me quitte pas" or " Piaf's "La vie en rose") or international standards ("Beautiful", "Dream a little dream of me" and the splendid version of "Over the rainbow"). Sometimes she really reincarnates the song ("Mad About You"). And when she's doing the mad girl, she's doing with such a candid way no-one can resist (on "Luxor j'adore" for example). I did not include all her covers cos' sometimes she failed (such as on "Miss you" from the Rolling Stones) but there are here almost all she sang at Baltard (the place these sets are) before winning the competition. You might think I'm not serious but now you saw that between doom and sludge I listen to Barry Ryan and Shocking Blue, it's likely you won't be so surprised. Enjoy it here. Below, some of the videos from the show. You can find all on the Nouvelle Star site here.





Eibon - Eibon EP (2008)

Eibon is one of the best sludgy doom band of the world (and I listen to a lot). Their new album is a must you should get as soon as possible (their myspace's here). But their previous EP, in a more dirty genre, was a gem too and it was one of my fave piece of shit of the year 08. If you are in Omega Massif, Ramesses and Electric Wizard, you will add this band to your palette of heavy and loud sounds. Enjoy it here.


Below, 2 videos from my good friend shinju gumi (I was there too, it was before EyeHateGod). The sound's not prime cut but the image is very fine and the atmosphere well restituted. Thanks to him.


Daughters - Daughters LP (2010)

You got no time to waste? You want to be sure that a new album posted will feature in the 5 bests of the year? No problem, you can trust me, this will be the case with this last (afraid it'll be the last and that the band disbanded, but not sure of that) LP from the fantastic Daughters. With Tinsel Teeth, but in a complete different way, they are among the proud successors of the Jesus Lizard. But never JL produced such a sonic storm. You'll never hear something like that anywhere else. Even if you're in the 70's shit, please lend an hear to this gem here. And then buy the LP, it's sold with 5 different drawings and moreover you got it in a true listening format.


A nice way to quench audience's thirst

A little effort to be as naked as Stephanie or David Yow


Autopsy - Retribution For The Dead EP (1991)

Autopsy is a death band I know (and Chris Reifert was the drummer of Death), but with this EP, Autopsy has been a sludge band, yes. And sometimes it was in their LPs. The 3 tracks here are prime cut and the cadaveric pestilence can be smelled from the music played. An "avant-goût" of what the destiny reserves to our stupid hopes and "appétit de vivre". As I post this fantastic EP here, I read that they reform. If they could be influenced by this period of their career, it would be a dead good news. Enjoy this decomposed pleasure here.

In The Grip Of Winter in studio


In The Grip Of Winter live on stage the same year


Tinsel Teeth - Noise Day - 4-24-10

You won't find something more tense, exciting, funny and relevant to our times than Tinsel Teeth (see video below). Do what you want but you should buy their last LP Trash as a Trophy, it's great. I won't post it cos' they really need you buy it.


Omega Massif - Kalt (2005)

As soon as their first demo posted here, it was clear that Omega Massif was one of the best Doom band of the planet, in a post-rock style that gives birth to more and more boring bands these late years (such as Isis, Cult of Luna, Tides etc.). These 4 tracks, all intrumental since there is no voice in this band, paved the way of the fantastic Geisterstadt LP released 2 years later. It's a real pleasure to see that this style can still provide surprises and this band reaches unexpected peaks with a contemplative music that succeeds to keep its doom melancholy and not sacrifice it to a kind of naïve vision of nature. Don't hesitate to discover this great band with their first release here. Their myspace's here and their site's there.


A live version of this title below.


Dad They Broke Me - Lack (2007)

This band is nothing less than frightening. If you were in Anal Cunt (it's an image, don't take it 1st degree) like I was, you will climb on the walls of your small death room (can't call this a living room isn't it?) and will howl like a wounded wolf on a winning night (if you can tell me what's this sentence exactly means, I will post on this blog the record of your choice). It seems they are from Australia but who cares. It's rare I listen to grind these late years but 1) tonight I feel like killing almost everyone, 2) this band is great. I can understand that if you come here for Alex Harvey, Shocking Blue or Barry Ryan, you may think this rubbish should be posted on a specialized blog, but I want to post here what for me is great music any style it is (I can be wrong, no-one is right or wrong in the domain) and this is. Released 3 years ago, this EP is a painfull experience but when you are in hate mood, you goes out of it with a regenerated and peacefull mind. It's therapeutic in a sense. But maybe you will murder someone after it. How predict. The last trax ("Spat Out Rotten", in streaming below) is nothing less than a masterpiece. Try it here.



Mary Wells & Cecil Womack - Jubilee Singles As & Bs (1968-71)

Another of my favorite singers, all styles mixed. She was the first lady of Motown, recruited with her own composition ("Bye Bye Baby" in 1962) but then she became the toygirl of Berry Gordy and she left Motown early 1965, a sort of crime of what we call in France "lèse-majesté" for Gordy. He'll never forgive her and she'll never succeed to find again the way to a large audience. She went from labels to labels during the rest of the sixties, and here the post focus on the most successful, Jubilee, where she stayed 3 years (between 1968 and 1971) and, more importantly, where she partnershipped with her (new husband), the future star of the charts Cecil Womack (yes, the Womack & Womack one), doing here finally the first attempt to a Womack & Womack duo. He wrote a great amount of songs for her during these 3 years (more than 20) and some of them were released on singles, 7 exactly (all were published under the name of Mary Wells, but I think more faithfull to the project of the couple to put the 2 names on the cover). Only the first was a small hit in USA: "The Doctor". The further ones failed to repeat this return in the spotlight. It's sad since listening to these songs and the brilliant and touching interpretation of Mary Wells, they have aged well, often better than the more legendary R&B of these times. Mary always find a different way to approach songs and this may have deserved it since people want to quicky recognize their stars when they hear it on the radio. During the Jubilee years, she was able to release an album (Servin' Up Some Soul), but the next one (called Come Together or Love & Tranquillity according to sources) was unissued, the label surely believing not anymore to her chance to reach stardom. Sad again cos it would have been in phase with what Marvin Gaye was doing at the times (What's Going On). You can find all these songs and albums on a double compilation called the Complete Jubilee Years released in 1993. The next 20 years would be low profile for Mary Wells (she separated from Cecil Womack some years later after having children with him) and she died of throat cancer in 1992. After PP Arnold, I would appreciate if you don't know her, that you throw an hear here. The DIM front & back cover sleeve is from 2 present black artist that could have made them in the late sixties I feel.

Below, the streaming is the only non-Womack song, but the interpretation of the Peter, Paul & Mary (not Wells) "500 Miles" is so good, I could not choose another one.

If you miss the train I'm on, You will know that I am gone. You can hear the whistle blow, A hundred miles. Lord, I'm one, Lord I'm two,Lord, I'm three, Lord I'm four, Lord, I'm 500 miles, From my home. Not a shirt on my back, Not a penny to my name. Lord, I can't go a-home, This a-way.


In the studio in 1970 (as you can see, Getty Images).

In the studio in 1970 again (GI too).