Alex Harvey - The London Sessions (1969-71)

A re-up of this weird collection of disparate songs recorded in London between 1969 and 70, not a glorious period for Alex Harvey, trying things and others. He would finally find his band 2 years later, the famous sensational himself band. I give more details below. In a comment following this post, you'll read that the drummer is called George Butler. I changed the colours of the do-it-myself cover sleeve cos' it was really ugly. This one is a little bit better. Catch this document here.

This "album", in fact, a collection of songs from various sessions recorded in London studios in late sixties, probably 1969-1971, is better known as The Joker Is Wild, an album released in 1972 when Alex Harvey had just formed the Sensational Alex Harvey Band and was about to record with them his first album, Framed. He didn't appreciate for sure, to see this old material released and considered it was a quite a bad joke by the music industry (there'll be more). But now time has passed and this collection of songs is interesting, some are gems that any Alex fan must know such as the great version of "Make Love To You" or the mad medley with "Willie the Pimp" from Zappa, a song covered by Ainsley Dunbar Blue Whale and much later by Alternative TV. I decided to create a new cover for this LP, the official one being really ugly and too much associated with the vile nature of the operation. If you don't have The Joker Is Wild (or in poor sound quality), enjoy the same content.



portlandbill said...

Please put up more Alex Harvey....Can't get enough !....Can't get enough !.....Can't get enough of that long haired music.

dk said...

I would like to post more, but I got no more rarities. Sorry

Billy O. said...

The drummer on these recordings is George Butler who played with Alex in Giant Moth. George currently drums with The Dirty Strangers (and with my occasional band The Legendary DNA Cowboys. He has no memory at all of recording this.

dkelvin said...

Great comment, thx for it. I always love when I can gather more historical stuff from those who contributed to it, through this modest blog.

cuorediformaggio said...

Could you please re-up this one?

Billy O. said...

George Butler is currently touring and recording w
with The Pink Fairies.