Barry Ryan - The Hunt (1969)

A re-up as requested by a newly charmed-by-the-underrated-genius-of-the-Ryan-bros visitor (at least that's what I understood). All the details about this second LP are written below (I always keep the text I had written in the initial post). I'll re-up all the Barry Ryan albums (except the first one, Barry Ryan sings Paul Ryan, easily affordable) but I'll do some work on the sound quality for those I used vinyl sources to create the MP3 version. Actually, only the first and the second (this one) were issued on CD (a total scandal) and even in digital version, so we have to use vinyl sources with a somewhat loss of quality according to the rip technic (and mine is not top prime). Meanwhile, catch this prey here.

This is the second album by Barry Ryan. It's not far from being a masterpiece but unfortunately the cover sleeve was totally awful (see below) as will be the further ones. Too bad. There are so much gems here (notably "Sea of Tranquillity" that you can hear on streaming below) you will be stunned to discover that it's not considered as a great one as the previous one has been recently. You may say that this post is not as essential as the previous ones since this LP can be found on the Rev-Ola reissue of the first album. But strangely, the tracklist on this CD is quite different than the one I have on my vinyl LP. Two songs, included on the CD as bonus tracks were actually on the album whereas 2 other ones ("Swallow Fly Away" and "No Love Without Her Love" were not). So, the LP is here on its original form. I'll post the 2 excluded tracks later in their actual format. I also changed the title since "The Hunt" was actually the hit of the album and should have been chosen to increase the commercial potential of the LP. So I gave it a "Diana and Actaeon" representation by the great Titian for sleeve. I hope some of you have found in Paul and Barry Ryan oeuvre a source of sonor joy (I doubt this is English but tonight I'm tired).



Anonymous said...

Great stuff altogether. I remember the hype about Barry from when I was young and still living in Germany. He was HUGE there, especially in the teeny-magazines, such as "Bravo". Songs like "The Hunt" and "Eloise" are haunting me ever since and it is great to eventually find them here. Oh sweet memories...Thank you so much for these gems.

dk said...

He deserved to be huge. Except his look and covers sleeves were awful. Stupid to have such a underrated destiny only because of these details. Thx for the comment.