Creedence Clearwater Revival - Epics (1968-71)

A reup of a compilation I'm rather proud of and consisting of the long tracks CCR spread in their albums during their short but intense career. Nothing rare but a proof this band was much more than a hit machine. Get it again here.

Creedence Clearwater Revival was my first fave band. It was in 1970, I was 12 yrs old, and Pendulum was the first LP I bought with my own money (without knowing it, my parents gave me each month just the money that I needed to buy an LP). But if I loved the CCR hits, my preference was for what I call here their epics, I mean long songs with instrumental bridges in which they had the time to create a climax. And it was generally a dark and heavy climax. I feel that more than Black Sabbath, these epics are responsible for making me so much appreciate instrumental doom. Since compilations all focus on singles or classics of the band but not (except Chooglin' but omitting a lot) on epics, I decided to constitute my ideal CCR compilation with all their epics gathered. My favorite is the incredible version of the Marvin Gaye standard "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" but "Pagan Baby" or "Effigy", and the central bridge of "Ramble Tamble" are prime cuts. Since the atmosphere of these tracks are often religious, macabre et obituary, I created a relevant cover sleeve from pictures (not mine) taken in Louisiana. Although from San Francisco, the band often referred to this land. Another thing that makes them something like sludge ancestors.



shadreck said...

Epics looks great. Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million for the Epics my friend. You done a fantastic job. When I began learning to play the guitar (late sixties), Effigy was one of the first I managed to experiment with. Aah Creedence, my all time heroes.
Very grateful for all the material in the blog and congratulations for the excellent taste in music!!!
Blessings, Nigel

Anonymous said...

Hiya Dkelvin. Is it ok if I translate your notes on that excellent CCR Epics album you compiled? I'd like to send it to this guy in Chile who also has a blog.

Obviously I'd acknowledge it with your name and where it came from.

Many thanks, Marcus Margolis.

dkelvin said...

Use the material on this blog as you want, I give it for free use, and do not even need to be cited.