Dad They Broke Me - Lack (2007)

This band is nothing less than frightening. If you were in Anal Cunt (it's an image, don't take it 1st degree) like I was, you will climb on the walls of your small death room (can't call this a living room isn't it?) and will howl like a wounded wolf on a winning night (if you can tell me what's this sentence exactly means, I will post on this blog the record of your choice). It seems they are from Australia but who cares. It's rare I listen to grind these late years but 1) tonight I feel like killing almost everyone, 2) this band is great. I can understand that if you come here for Alex Harvey, Shocking Blue or Barry Ryan, you may think this rubbish should be posted on a specialized blog, but I want to post here what for me is great music any style it is (I can be wrong, no-one is right or wrong in the domain) and this is. Released 3 years ago, this EP is a painfull experience but when you are in hate mood, you goes out of it with a regenerated and peacefull mind. It's therapeutic in a sense. But maybe you will murder someone after it. How predict. The last trax ("Spat Out Rotten", in streaming below) is nothing less than a masterpiece. Try it here.


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