Daughters - Daughters LP (2010)

You got no time to waste? You want to be sure that a new album posted will feature in the 5 bests of the year? No problem, you can trust me, this will be the case with this last (afraid it'll be the last and that the band disbanded, but not sure of that) LP from the fantastic Daughters. With Tinsel Teeth, but in a complete different way, they are among the proud successors of the Jesus Lizard. But never JL produced such a sonic storm. You'll never hear something like that anywhere else. Even if you're in the 70's shit, please lend an hear to this gem here. And then buy the LP, it's sold with 5 different drawings and moreover you got it in a true listening format.


A nice way to quench audience's thirst

A little effort to be as naked as Stephanie or David Yow

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ça ma parle, ça, je teste. Merci !