Omega Massif - Kalt (2005)

As soon as their first demo posted here, it was clear that Omega Massif was one of the best Doom band of the planet, in a post-rock style that gives birth to more and more boring bands these late years (such as Isis, Cult of Luna, Tides etc.). These 4 tracks, all intrumental since there is no voice in this band, paved the way of the fantastic Geisterstadt LP released 2 years later. It's a real pleasure to see that this style can still provide surprises and this band reaches unexpected peaks with a contemplative music that succeeds to keep its doom melancholy and not sacrifice it to a kind of naïve vision of nature. Don't hesitate to discover this great band with their first release here. Their myspace's here and their site's there.


A live version of this title below.

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