Shocking Blue - Blossom Lady / Is This A Dream 7" (1971)

Nothing much to add to the text of the first post (6 years ago) except that it was the time Mariska stopped using her fake hair and used her real ones, curly (!!!). What a shock it was then. This is not visible on the cover sleeves and on the pictures below, but it was when they appeared on TV to play the song, notably in the awful Japanese clip. Catch it here.

During the summer 1971 is released this 8th Shocking Blue single. It is not as strong as the previous one and seems to search to find the way to Venus (the identical bridge) but failed. The brass section is a good idea but the lyrics are really bad and the whole seems to be a bit wayloss. Surprisingly, this song will hit higher than "Shocking You" in the Nederland charts (n°2). The B-side ("Is It A Dream", that I posted below in streaming) is better, and seems to belong to the 1969 sound of the band with its Californian psychedelic flavor. At this time, the band is still a 5 piece entity for some months. .

On the TV show below, you can see that Mariska had decided, some months later, to curl her hairs. Not a good idea I must say

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