Shocking Blue - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind / I Like You 7" (1971)

With this one (released in December 1971), the band maintained a certain level of success in Netherland and in Belgium and reached one in Norway, but elsewhere it was over. The line-up changed but it was clear the hit machine was no more efficient although songs would never been bad with Robbie Van Leeuwen on board. Catch this ninth one here. Note that Mariska Veres had chosen to wear again her fake long and straight (fake) hair, the curly real ones having, maybe, not been approved by the fans.

Here the 9th Shocking Blue single, released in November 1971, with a change of line-up (no more 2 guitarists and a new bassist) and a kind of glaming of their music (horns sound a bit like the ones in the English glam). But the song (not a great success, the first not to chart in Germany, but a Hit in NL) is not stunning and this single is better for its unusual B-side, a simple and gentle song in which Mariska is only backed by a piano (who plays?). That's this B-side that made me chose the picture below, unusual too in this quite ugly pop iconography of the seventies.

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