Barry Ryan - Singles As & Bs (1968-1972)

"Aussitôt demandé, aussitôt fait". In other words, one of you asked today for a re-up of Barry Ryan stuff, here the first one, the singles A's & B's. One of my main pride in creating this blog, is to have made contempory again songs and artists who were doomed to stay forgotten for eternity, or, worse, only known for one hit. It's the case with Barry Ryan who, with his brother Paul, deserves to be remembered since he offered a fantastic bunch of great tunes, orchestrations and upon all, performed with a wonderful voice. Catch it here

Here is finally the (almost complete) chronological compilation of all the singles released by Barry Ryan between 1968 and 1972. It's 13 singles, not all commercially successful (you can find all the charts positions here, beware, it's in German) but honestly all at least interesting and pleasant to hear and several of them total masterpieces. Is missing "Lay Down", the B-side of "We Did It Together", a single I don't have and too expensive for me to get at the time. If I get it in the future I'll repost this compilation and add it. Missing also the singles sung in German. I'll post them later maybe but they seem quite out of place here. So the collection is only 25 songs long. The sound quality of this compilation is quite uneven since I ripped some songs (not many actually) from my 7" vinyls and I'm not a master to make them totally CD-rip sounding MP3s. But nothing too terrible. Among the masterpieces, there are of course "Eloïse", "The Colour Of My Life", "The Hunt", "Kitsch", "Red Man", "It Is Written" (the later in streaming) but some other less known songs here will be stunning surprises to your ears I guess, and you'll probably wonder why Paul Ryan (all songs are not from him but most of the 16 first are) is not considered one of the most brilliant songwriter of the last century. And listen to "Magical Spiel" to know where Queen has taken its style from. In 4 years, it's quite an achivement I think. Some last rarities to be posted here. It'll be singles published in 1974 and 1975 alone or under the Paul and Barry Ryan names. I hope this help to make the Ryan's music present in today's world. We need it (at least I).



Digby said...

Singles A's And B's is really great and much enjoyed, only track 14 "Lay Down" was missing. Pity
Thanks again

Seamus said...

Great compilation - many thanks from Ireland

Anonymous said...

Well I honestly must admit that Eloise is the only song I know from Barry Ryan... Just starting to download now. Anyhow, Eloise is as beautiful as Sebastian from Cockney Rebel. So,
Thanks for sharing this,
Derek from Paris,

peterjpintodesa@aol.com said...

Hi there

Love the site, particularly the great job you've done of collating all the Barry Ryan stuff. Any chance of a re-up for them as some of the links are dead?

Best wishes Peter John

dkelvin said...

That's done.
Thanx for the nice comment
I'll reup more Barry Ryan stuff soon

Catweazle said...

Thanks for these gems! It's funny you're upping them now as I'm just re-discovering them (in fact I bought some Barry Ryan seven inches a couple of days ago at a car boot sale)!

peterjpintodesa@aol.com said...

Many thanks for re-upping these sounds. Much appreciated.

Peter John

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this gem. Love it despite the missing track.Can I ask you to re upload some of the barry ryan post which are down, please. Thanks again :)

dkelvin said...

Yeah I'll re-up other bro Ryan LPs very quick. They deserve it. But first I'll have to improve the sound for some vinyl rips that was really bad in the first post. And I must have some time to do that