Chistophe - Pas Vu Pas Pris (+ Bonus Track) (1980)

The second Christophe re-up, to celebrate his new album (Vestiges du Chaos, released some days ago). In this one (see below) Alain Kan wrote several lyrics. My two fave French singers on the same album, it should have been a dream. But the album is only good, not the masterpiece it could be have been. But catch it here.

If you (must I say love or like, let's say) appreciate Christophe (his name is Bevilacqua) and Alain (with or without the "Z") Kan, you must dl and listen (and who knows buy) their one and only collaborative LP, called Pas Vu Pas Pris (for Not Seen, Not Caught) and released in 1980. Actually, Alain Kan was the brother of the then-wife of Christophe and it's quite strange that two of the best French songwriters were tied by family relations. Unfortunately, this LP was musically weaker than the previous one, Le Beau Bizarre (that you can dl here), and even the lyrics did not fit as well Christophe's world than the Bob Decout ones. However, the album is still enjoyable, darker, rockier (although the ugly cover sleeve may indicate a beach album, in fact it's very urban and unsane) than everything Christophe had done to this day. Probably the Alain Kan influence. I was near to call this post The Complete Pas Vu Pas Pris Album, since the song "Question Ambiance", written by Alain Kan and Christophe, was excluded from the LP and was only the B-side of the awful "L'Italie", the unavoiding (s)hit that Christophe had to release to make a decent live with his music. This song had nothing to do on the LP and would have been advantageously replaced by "Question Ambiance". Because I included the back cover sleeve and the lyrics sheet in the file (with some pictures I sticked at the time I bought it, 30 yrs ago), I maintained "L'Italie" and added as bonus trax "Question Ambiance". Not a masterpiece but an interesting adjonction to any good Christophe discography.

The first song of the album and the second (unsuccessfull) single of the LP


From the album, "Minuit Boul'vard" is the only song played by Christophe at each of his live set. Here, a not-too-bad quality catch in 11/2009