Cough - Self titled LP (2008)

You want to know what I call a great, a fucking great doom-sludge band, therefore listen to Cough (not Coughs, another band that I'll post something here one day maybe), dl their 2008 album, then buy it, then buy the next one (they just signed to Relapse Records, so a really widely distributed album should be available soon). They're of course in the the straight descending line (a French expression I translate although I don't know whether it means anything in English) from the Electric Wizard of Dopethrone, but they have their own style and I particularily love the way they manage to propose clear proto-Sabbath (see the T. Shirt below) riffs à-la EyeHateGod. And the singer is first class, sounding as a real human, not the usual meat in this style. A real classic to my ears. Please, dear 70's amateurs, have some curiosity and do with great contempory bands what you would like music fans in the 70's would have done with your beloved old bands. Enjoy this masterpiss (yes I know easy one this one but my brain's burned out tonight) here.


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Shinju Gumi said...

Rien à ajouter sinon que je l'ai acheté en vinyl à sa sortie après l'avoir écouté en boucle sur mon iPod. A fuckin' awesome band indeed!