General Lee - Hannibal Ad Portas (2008)

We may not have a decent football team in this country but we have fantastic doom bands and since I despise the former and love the latter, it's OK for me. When I write "we", I mean French (yes the arrogant bastards, cos' my compatriots are actually arrogants, for most of them, if you could understand what they write in forums you should be horrified, all these so-called geniuses). After Huata, Eibon, UFO Gestapo, Lumberjack Feedback, Modern Funeral Art, here's General Lee, from the north of France, and in post-rock doom style, a genre I consider more and more as sterile, they propose something I can't help to find exciting and celestian. The voice is screaming for sure and that may explain there's not in it this arty dimension I dislike more and more in Isis, Mogwai and Pelican. They have been signed by Hip Hip Hip (what a name !) and they should release their next LP soon. Meanwhile, listen to their last, Hannibal Ad Portes, released in 09/2008 and about which I'd written a very positive review in Xroads mag. After, buy the CD version since, don't forget, the MP3 sound is really a shame compared to wav (moreover the sleeve is nice). Enjoy it here. And follow their adventures on their myspace there.


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