Hell's Kitchen - Mr Fresh (2009)

Is it still possible in the XXIth century to do blues without being obsolete? Sometimes I'm doubting, but with Australian Abbe May here or today's Hell(vetic)'s Kitchen, I must answer yes. Of course there's a lot of other bands playing revitalised blues but most of the time they've something that bother me, a cultural approach I feel tiring. I only like when the blues is to the bones. It's the case here. You are near the old rural blues à-la Robert Johnson, but also the Chicago one, more John Lee Hooker and Willie Dixon (my 2 faves ones) than Muddy Waters or BB King. And you can also find traces of Kevin Coyne, Creedence Clearwater Revival or Led Zeppelin approaches of blues and even the Liars or Oxbow. All in all, this is one of the best blues album released in the last decade and you should not ignore it. Try it here and buy it next via heir myspace there. They need it. And don't miss them if they play not far from your estival stay.


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