Kim Phuc - Wormwood Star 7" (2008)

Somewhere between Drunk With Guns, The Saints and the Stooges is Kim Phuc (the name of the little girl burned by Napalm in Vietnam and who was the subject of the famous picture that contributed to stop this war, the one I used for the Television Personalities live song about Vietnam here). Weeks and weeks I have this single ready to post cos' I feel it's an urgency all visitors of this blog are aware a great punk rock is alive and well (hum...I can't assure they're well). This single is probably the best thing that occurred in rock (in its ancient acception) these late years. The little Jello Biafra tone in the singer's voice is a delicatessen for my ears. And tonight, I'm in the kind of mood (hating myself and about everyone else and wanting to die, not the first time but I'm still there) to post it. They've released another one ("Weird Skies") and it's a complete gem too. Go to hear all that on their myspace here. And enjoy (not really the right word but who cares) the "Wormwood Star" single there.


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XELLA said...

Wouah!!! trés bon ça!! merci pour la découverte! A+